Bridges to Rails: Process for Progress in the Women’s Business Community.

WBDC and WBE/ MBE in the certification process.

My business plan is to build three e-commerce sites on Word Press, purchase three new professional-grade cameras, and establish connections with transportation and infrastructure agencies in order to contract for photo-documentation of projects.

The three websites in the planning and certification or e-commerce stage are:

Bridges to Rails

Logan Knows Bridges: Bridge Connections

Elevated Spans Infrastructure

The Wells Street Bridge serves the Brown and Purple CTA Lines on its upper deck, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic on its lower deck. This photo shows the south leaf rising during a boat run on the Chicago River’s Main Branch. Each leaf of this massive bridge weighs about 2,500 tons.

I also plan to have a small office space in Chicago in which to safely and efficiently store the following:

Camera equipment
Office supplies
Memory cards, batteries, chargers, camera bags and necessary accessories such as tripods, extra safety catch plates, filters, memory card storage cases
Film storage and storage for developed prints
Shipping supplies to mail prints to customers
Computer supplies

The office space will require streamlined furnishings of excellent quality.

Other niceities include:

Break-room supplies
An in-suite bathroom
Chairs and benches for customers
A small retail establishment to sell prints to tourists and walks-in
A small meeting room with credenzas

An EMD F40PH locomotive at the lead of a METRA train inbound to Union Station near the North Canal and North Clinton Street grade crossings.

Divi Logan. All photographs and authorship by Divi Logan. Leica Digital. June 26, 2020.