Bridge Bracing Elements: Triangular Structures for Infrastructure Stability.

Practical trigonometry… the science of the stability of triangles in everyday travel and transportation, is seen in Chicago’s historic bridges. Isn’t knowledge and the benefit of hard work worth preserving? Of course it is… and we live with proof of that each day.

Superstructures, Decking, Approach Spans, and Sidewalks of Chicago Bridges

Note the common denominator of triangular structures in these elements of infrastructure. It’s true… stong stems come from healthy roots!

CBL#4 LSSB Up #014 111619 1048

Lateral bracing in the substructure of the LaSalle Street Bridge is vital to the stability of this massive leaf. Lattice bracing and the steel roadway deck form is visible.

PONS Lake St WestPort 2 #860 061819 1933

Lateral bracing stabilizes the train deck approach span of the Lake Street Bridge. Triangular elements are present in the Warren Truss of the clear span on the right.

WESB Wells Street Bridge 053019 at 635 PM

The Wells Street Bridge sports elaborate lateral bracing, floor beams, sidewalk supports, and the Warren Truss in its substructure. Each leaf of this bridge weighs about 2,500 tons. The bridge serves CTA trains, vehicles, and pedestrians.

CBL2 Columbus Drive Up 101919 1004 AM #2

Lateral substructure bracing of the modern Columbus Drive bridge on the Main Branch, Chicago River. This is the second bridge to lift after the Outer Drive Bridge as boat runs move south to a harbor near South Canal Street.

CBL2 Dearborn N Leaf Up 101919 1035

Lateral bracing and lattice bracing form the Dearborn Street Bridge’s substructure and extend within the abutment’s hefty walls.

CBL2 State Street Up 101919 1025 #2

Telephoto of the State Street Bridge’s lateral bracing, lattice bracing, and V-lacing of the substructure, with the floor support system.

CBL2 State Street Descending 101919 1028 #7 (2).JPG

The substructure, sidewalk deck supports, and marine navigation lights on the State Street Bridge during a boat run.

CBL Ida B Wells UpRise 101619 1219 PM

The Ida B. Wells (West Congress Parkway) Bridge’s lateral bracing and deck truss elements are magnificent from any angle.

METRA Track System Tri-lights + 2-Light Verticals 101019 319 PM

Signal gantry structures also have triangular bracing. These signal systems are over tracks used by METRA; two trains are in the background.

Divi Logan. Chicago. January 29, 2020.