Bridges to Rails: Chicago’s Infrastructure Photographic Connection. #1: Where Do the Three Meet?

Finding the common ground of Cook County infrastructures may help resolve the differences Mayor Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Preckwinkle have over funding and attention given to transportation agencies.

Find the METRA and AMTRAK stations, you find the connections!

Chicagoland is served by dozens of train stations and companies. Those massive train yards, those maintenance and freight facilities… the logistics- just think… are connected by roads and bridges.

Ask the public safety questions. Consider the public safety issues and all the concerns citizens have at every level. What are their concerns; what are the issues? Where and how do they arise and how are they addressed?


A freight train powers through Lombard, Illinois in DuPage County. This grade crossing is near a main downtown street serving businesses and residential zones. Fire stations, churches and hospitals are in the area, so public safety near railroads is vital when considering infrastructure projects at every level. Union Pacific serves this area. CN is just one of dozens of transportation-related companies in Illinois.

Here, lights and barricade arms are in working condition. The public must be assured that all rail crossings are in similar condition and have proper signs, lights, barricades and gates and necessary indicators for safety.

Power Forward Union Pacific @ Lombard Background 072918

A patriotically-liveried Union Pacific locomotive, #7363, moves double-stacked TTX rolling stock through Lombard, Illinois.

Turnouts, Frogs, and Gantries. BNSF and AMTRAK Railroad Yards, Chicago.

METRA Twosome 101019 406 PM #2

Tracks, signal gantries, and bridges near two busy railroad yards in Chicago, the AMTRAK Chicago yard and the BNSF Railroad Yard/METRA.

I propose grants for studying the social philosophies and educational values of photography and teamwork or team-building in STEM programs, infrastructure inspections, and through this to demonstrate that working together in community service builds good character.