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Elevated trains rumble through the famous Chicago Loop dozens of times a day. This section of rail is near the intersection of South Wabash Avenue and East Jackson Boulevard. Many businesses, institutions of learning, lodgings, restaurants, retailers, and residences are located in this area.

The Lake Street Bridge (1916)

Welcome to all photographic and infrastructure services providers! I welcome you to Bridges to Rails and my connecting sites, Elevated Spans Infrastructure, Quartermaster Transportation Networks, and Logan Knows Bridges.

Divi Logan enjoys photographing infrastructure and transportation industries, bridges, railroads, and highway construction projects. Presently I use two Leica cameras, one for Full HD and one for 4K.

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Service A: Versatile Safety-First Project Photography

Safety is essential around any construction or infrastructure project. Factors such as weather, environment, topography, and bridge, road, or building conditions require fresh ways to perform photographic documentation. Using high-quality equipment that is lighter in weight, relatively inexpensive, and easy to transport, I propose to show transportation personnel in all classes and types of transit industries how to purchase the necessary equipment, how to produce quality photographs, and how to care for their equipment so that it provides years of excellent service.

Service B: Product Demonstrations for Transportation Industry Personnel

As part of the networking process, I will demonstrate equipment to transportation crews. The best way to understand the principles of wide-angle, macro, and telephoto photography is to demonstrate it in the field or in a professional service environment such as training sessions or trade shows for transportation personnel. Efficiency and speed are vital to many infrastructure projects; following the guidelines of the FHWA’s proposals and MAP-21 will require traveling thousands of miles, taking tens of thousands of photographs, and researching to accurately document projects for government records.

Service C: Photographic Artwork Displayed for Customers’ Testimonials.

Websites demonstrate the need for high-quality photography that presents and promotes the customer’s project portfolio and thus the company’s growth and presence. I will provide photographs to your company for display online and in brochures or through your chosen media types. Contributions of photographs may be made through the Cloud, or by sending memory cards to your company.

Service D: What I will do for your company’s testimonial catalogue, project references and researching, and product advertising for sponsorships.

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